Our team, talent, and tools are ever increasing to meet the requested expectations and needs of our customers’ projects. What we offer though as our most important capabilities is: thoughtful coordination, high attention to detail, and tenacious spirit to continually push what is possible in fabrication.


From design, to fabrication, to installation, we attend to the details. While other teams may isolate their efforts to their scope of work, we demonstrate care towards those areas that connect or are connected to our products.

We fabricate complete, turnkey products using metal, wood, glass, and more.

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In-house Tooling


  • 3D CAD modelling- Design and Engineering
  • Horizontal Bandsaw Cutting- Dual pivot mitre bandsaw
  • CNC Plasma Cutting- Capable of cutting piercing and cutting ¾” plate steel, we can also plasma cut aluminum, stainless, copper, brass,
  • CNC Milling- We have a 3-axis Hass Vertical Machinging Center with 4-axis rotary. We have experience in machining stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and mild steel, with 40” of X axis travel and 16” of y axis
  • Metal Forming- Tube rolling, press brake,
  • Welding- Experienced in welding GTAW, GMAW, SMAW with an array of certifications on various metals from structural to food grade to artistic.
  • Metal Polishing
  • Stainless Electorchemical Passivation
  • Structural Steel Fabrication and Erection


  • CNC routing
  • Jointer
  • Planer
  • Tablesaw
  • Bandsaw
  • Widebelt Sander